About Us

Work consciously. Work digitally.

RS-Team has supported dentists and dental technicians since 2013, intending to help them transform their work environments. The brand offers specialized equipment, including dental milling machines, software, technology integration support, training, and exceptional after-sales support. RS-Team believes that work done consciously is digital work and strives to offer top-notch solutions to its customers.

At RS-Team, we assist clinics and labs in implementing digital solutions, regardless of whether they are just starting or have already initiated the process. Our team of experts is equipped with knowledge and expertise to create customized solutions that will enable you to enter the world of digital dentistry quickly.

The changes we are making today will result in a world where dentists and dental technicians can work more comfortably and efficiently. Patients will be able to gain access to personalized treatment pathways that cater to even the smallest of details.