RS-Team Milling Machines

Highest precision for your patients


Start your milling adventure safely and precisely

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The versatility and efficiency you need

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RS5 Linear

Ground-breaking milling technology - made for you

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Premium Quality

RS-Team milling machines are:

High-quality solutions designed and manufactured in the United States

Utilizing innovative technologies to ensure top-notch artistry

Ecological sustainable

Long-lasting operation

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Thanks to their integration with CAD and CAM programs, these devices can transfer computer-designed works to the real world with accuracy up to a tenths of a millimeter. From the user's perspective, the process is simple and intuitive.

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Professional Support

You can access a technical hotline when you purchase a milling machine from RS-Team. Additionally, RS-Team provides on-site service and repair for your machine. If, for any reason, the milling machine cannot be repaired at your lab's site, RS-Team will take over the milling process to ensure the continuity of your lab's production.