RS5 Eco

Start your milling adventure safely and precisely

The RS5 Eco is a unique device that provides a comfortable and safe milling experience. This milling machine combines a relatively small size with power and precision, thanks to proprietary solutions from RS-Team engineers. The RS5 is ideal for those new to digital milling and those who have been creating highly specialized prosthetic work in their laboratories for years.

Device Specification

Number of axes 5
Number of tools 28
Covered tool storage Option
Clamp "C" type Option
Rated spindel power Pmax Max 800W
Max rpm 60000
Spindel cooling Air
Wet milling Yes
Air blowing Yes
Tool clamp size 6mm
Standard clamp 1x98,5mm
Sister tool function Yes
Acceleration of XYZ drives Max 10m/s2
Digital motion encoder Yes
Linear magnetic drive -
Simultaneous 5-axis milling Yes
Simultaneous 4-axis milling Yes
3+2 axis milling (max. range) Yes (A +/-30.5º,B 360º)
3+1 axis milling (max. range) Yes (A +/-30.5º,B 360º)
Absolute measuring system Renishaw® -
Integrated XYZ lubrication system Manual replenishment
Drive compartment ventilation Forced / Fan
Coolant system / Capacity External / 5,28gal
Chiller (cooler) -
Coolant level control Yes
Fluid flow control -
Continue after interruption of milling Yes
XYZ temperature stabilization system -
Coolant flow 13,21 gal/per minute
Coolant pressure 0,3 bar
Length sensor blow-by -
Tool magazine blowout Yes
Zirconium milling Perfect
CoCr milling bridges Good
Milling Titanium Good
Machine control unit Integrated computer
Display Touch integrated
Data transfer USB / LAN / WIFI
LIS system 3 colors
LED lighting Yes
Auto OFF mode (automatic switch off) Yes
System Stop&Go Yes
Tool magazine control Yes
Compressor Control -
Dust extraction control Yes
System ADCF Yes
System DODS Yes
System SOFVA Yes
System DTCS Yes
Dimensions 29,53/28,46/32,68"
Weight 507,06lb
Power consumption Max 2,55 kW
Power supply 230V/110V
Electricity recuperation -
Custom painting Option

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